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The Magic of Mothers and Fathers

Magic of Mothers and Fathers


When Tom and I first met. I learned that he has three children.

I learned early on that his youngest daughter Jackie had a passion for theater and thoroughly enjoyed being on stage.

Jackie Wurst

Jackie Wurst

Tom and I had the privilege and honor to attend one of Jackie’s middle school plays while she attended Adele Harrison Middle School. I didn’t have to be a theater critic, drama professor or actor to recognize that while she was acting, the audience was in tears and touched by her powerful performance. Besides feeling proud of her, it was apparent that she had that special touch and the power to evoke emotion and feelings in all of us.

True to character, I was in tears.

As humans, we simply know when we are in the presence of real talent. Tom and I attended every performance during her Middle School, High School and College-level career. We couldn’t afford to not experience another one of Jackie’s stellar performances. It was a testament to her talent when we witness how the parents and relatives of fellow students would complement her performance and say, ‘You have to go into professional acting!”

Over the last few years, Jackie shared with us that going to Hollywood and becoming a paid actress was her goal. We were elated to hear this news and could not wait to continue the conversation in detail. However, in typical Nada fashion, every moment I saw her in passing, or while having dinner at our home, I would push her to talk about Hollywood and asked her all the hard questions. As time went by over the next six months, she earned a full-time position in Petaluma and quickly got thrown into the daily routine that comes with having full-time responsibilities.

Every time Jackie would visit to have dinner with us; might I add, dinner was always served with dessert,  I would push the conversation about ‘going to Hollywood’ to the point where the visits became shorter and shorter and eventually she avoided coming to our house altogether.

I don’t blame her!

At the time, her response was, “Right now, I want to focus on spending time with my friends.”  Like a punch to my stomach – I wanted to scream that she is wasting her given talents! Sometimes I would share with her, you don’t want to be on your death bed and tell yourself, “I should have…I could have…I would have…” I could tell that this was an uncomfortable conversation and she wanted Tom and I to stay in our lane.

Beginning of this April, just a few weeks ago. Jackie, quietly and gracefully announced that she gave her landlord and employer notice that she is moving to Hollywood.

Once again, Jackie had me in tears.

We knew she had the talent and simply wanted her to go after her dream with full force. One week before May 1st, Tom and Jackie drove to Los Angeles. Over the following two days, Jackie and Tom laid down her foundation in LA. She was able to interview for jobs and roommates and solidified her living situation. She was able to lock down a job, with a pay raise, just blocks from her condo near the acclaimed Grove shopping center and Farmer’s Market.In a city known for its traffic, we were just ecstatic that she is able to avoid a daily commute. It has now been a week since Jackie has moved to Los Angeles and we cannot wait to see her flourish!

After all of these thoughts that I had about Jackie over the past years, she quietly and quickly took steps towards her goal in a matter of weeks. After all of these years of being nervous about her not going after her dream – The day finally came. Silently.


Key Takeaway

Life has endless amounts of twists and turns, some seen and some unseen. When it comes to supporting one another to make big decisions, it almost never happens on a desired timeline. More often than not, we need to simply be present and supportive. Then, when you least expect it, a decision will be made internally, and it is up to us to be AVAILABLE to support. The key is being patiently available.

This world would not be possible without all of the amazing work that Father’s do to support their children. This is why today, on Mother’s Day, we like to celebrate both Mothers and Fathers. It is a day to celebrate those that support us throughout our lives.

Remember to say thank you to someone that has supported you in some way.

Thank you to each and every one of you.



Nada & Tom




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