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Nada Rothbart

Nada Rothbart
Wine Country Property Specialist
Nada Rothbart’s distinctive style and warm authenticity are the hallmarks of an illustrious 20-year career in real estate. Her commitment to excellence leads to consistent rave reviews from loyal repeat clients, and her magnetic presence makes her a natural fit for the group of global advisors who comprise Engel &Völkers worldwide.

Since joining Engel &Völkers, Nada has seen that she made a wise decision. Several multi-million dollar deals later, that teamwork and collaborative approach are clear foundations of her success. She continues to maintain a relentless focus on these and other principles she gained from her unique life experiences. One such experience comes from being the owner of a local yoga studio. Nada’s deep listening skills can be traced to these days in yoga teaching and practice, and her former students still reward her for this, including with the following simple answer to the question of why they chose her to represent them in their real estate transactions: “We KNOW you and we TRUST you Nada.”

Always searching for continued personal growth and development, Nada is excited to be working with a professional coach at Buffini and Company, the largest coaching company in North America, and a key asset in her real estate career. From her earliest childhood days as a basketball star, Nada was aware of the importance coaching played in her personal success. So, against all odds and with laser-focused determination, she convinced one of the legends of the real estate world, the great Mike Ferry, to be her personal coach. During a live presentation with a huge audience, he became so convinced of her abilities that he threw caution to the wind, brought her on stage, stood her in high heels on a folding chair ,and pronounced to the entire audience that he would coach her because he saw in her the superstar personality that she continues to exhibit to this day.

Tom initially met Nada over 20 years ago around the year 2000 at a Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat in Palm Desert CA. Mike Ferry put Nada up on stage in front of 3000 agents telling them that this woman, coached by him, is killing it every day. She hardly speaks English and she sells homes every week! He suggested that we all take her out to lunch and interview her as to has she does it. So Tom met with her at the brake to talk. They re-met in Sonoma 10 years later and joined as business partners. The rest is history.

Nada came to Engel &Völkers from another international real estate company. While there, she found herself doing well, getting the job done, but not experiencing the kind of career growth she was striving for. During this time, she met her current business partner, Tom Wurst. A friendship became a business partnership, and Nada yet again found that teamwork and a collaborative approach were the traits that fit her personality best and allowed her to focus her energies.

Nada has other experiences in her background that give her the confidence and personality her clients praise. Besides deep real estate experience, she brings numerous complementary skills, ones that are unique and unlikely to be replicated by other agents. Nada grew up in one of the countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia, and she spent her childhood as a basketball star and national team captain for the country of Yugoslavia, where she was already a fierce competitor at the tender age of 13. After this, she added a law career in Sarajevo, Bosnia following in the footsteps of her father and sister before her.

Just when she decided to open her own law office after 10 years in the industry, war broke out in Sarajevo, and she was forced to flee, eventually landing with her family in Silicon Valley. Her life story is of such uniqueness that she has been chronicled in numerous magazines, and is even featured in 2 episodes of a nationally syndicated podcast, in which Nada describes her harrowing years in Bosnia and the difficulties she faced working and raising a family under impossible circumstances. To provide perspective and balance out these experiences, Nada continues to practice yoga and seek meaningful activities in her life such as art, opera, and mentoring responsibilities in the local youth Mentoring Alliance. And what really makes her stand out from a crowd is her unwavering sense of fashion - imagine for a moment the beautiful white presentation boxes and red lettering of the Engel &Völkers branding as the perfect complement to this fashionable lady in a bright red dress and high heels standing a full 6’ 2” tall!

You can reach Nada at:
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